Guardians of the Deep: The Loggerhead Chronicles

Guardians of the Deep: The Loggerhead Chronicles

Uncover the fascinating life of loggerhead turtles, understand the threats they face, and join the mission to their survival.
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Greetings, fellow Earthlings! I am the Loggerhead Guardian, a hero of the deep sea, recognised for my relentless strength, tenacity, and adventurous spirit. My species, known for our massive craniums and mighty jaws, are as captivating as we are tenacious.

Feasting Frenzy: Unveiling My Gastronomic Delights

My unique taste, ranging from horseshoe crabs to jellyfish, snails to floating mollusk eggs, is a testament to my extensive knowledge of marine life. My palate is a reflection of the world I am determined to defend.

Heroic abilities :

  • Physical Attributes: We can grow over a meter in carapace length and exceed 100kg.
  • Armor Specifications: Our shell usually hosts 9 vertebral shields and 5 pairs of coastal scutes, along with 12 to 13 marginal scutes.
  • Thermoregulation: We can sustain our body temperature up to 8°C above the surrounding waters.
  • Diving Capabilities: We spend 85% of our time submerged, capable of diving for up to 40 minutes.
  • Hibernate Mode: Some of us have been observed hibernating, partially concealed within submarine canyon walls.
  • Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination: The sex of our offspring is determined by the incubation temperature. Around 28.6-29.7°C, 50% of our clutch results in females.
  • Unique Traits: Our upper jaw extends slightly forward, unlike The Green Guardian


Battling against the Odds

My kind is constantly challenged by malevolent forces. Habitat loss, pollution, bycatch, and in some countries we are even hunted for our meat - our enemies are manifold. However, these challenges have only hardened my resolve. I continue to fight, against all odds, harnessing my strength and navigatory prowess to champion the cause of marine conservation.

Quest across the Oceans

I am a Beacon of hope for my kind. I undertake some of the most demanding migratory voyages known, from crucial feeding sites to our sacred nesting grounds. Deep within me, a gift from the sea itself, a natural GPS pulses. It is an instinctive compass, a part of my very DNA, guiding me unfailingly across the seascape.This internal guide leads me back to where my journey began, my birthplace (the beach where I was born), where I found allies to join our cause to protect us from extinction.

Join Tidal forces

I've found comrades in Hansie en Grietjie who makes it possible for humans to contribute to our existence. When you purchase a pair of their Loggerhead Turtle socks, part of their proceeds aids those who have been badly hurt by our enemies. With every step you take in these socks, you're walking alongside us Loggerheads, making a difference in preserving the marvellous biodiversity that calls Earth home! Let's champion conservation together, and ensure the marvels of Earth continue to thrive!