The Vulnerable Bundle

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The Vulnerable Bundle

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Introducing the Hansie en Grietjie Vulnerable Sock Bundle. Each pair in this distinctive bundle is a celebration of a vulnerable African species, showcasing their extraordinary beauty and highlighting the critical need for their protection.

How your purchase contributes to their survival

  • Loggerhead Turtle: The hatchlings and sub-adult/adult turtles often require intensive medical care due to injuries sustained from entanglement in ghost fishing gear, plastic ingestion from habitat pollution, and physical injuries such as partial flipper amputations, respiratory tract infections, and ear infections. Your purchase wil funds medical interventions and satellite tagging, contributing to the global turtle movement data as well as environmental community outreach initiatives that create awareness around marine and coastal pollution, sustainability and biodiversity conservation.
  • Cheetah Socks: Your purchase of Cheetah Socks is a step toward harmony between wildlife and farming communities: it supports the Cheetah Outreach Trust's Livestock Guarding Dog Project by funding the Irwin’s Guardian Stud to breed effective Anatolian Shepherd guardians, enabling them to protect livestock and reduce conflicts with cheetahs. Proceeds help educate the community through the Trust’s programs, maintain essential research and monitoring with camera traps to study predator patterns, and advocate for the coexistence of cheetahs and farmers. Each sale fortifies the conservation of the free-roaming cheetah, turning you cheetah socks into a lifeline for these animals.

Seize this exceptional chance to build a collection that stands for change. Collect them all and become a walking advocate for Africa's vulnerable wildlife. Your journey towards conservation starts with a single step – and a single sock. 

Sock Features

  • Premium Quality: Crafted for excellence and durability.
  • Versatile Wear: Perfect for mountain biking, running, and everyday use.
  • Y-Heel Design: Provides a snug and supportive fit for stability.
  • Cushioned Comfort: Padded heel and toe for shock absorption and comfort.
  • Seamless Toe: Hole-proof design for enhanced durability and protection.
  • Supportive: Extra support for dynamic movement and long wear.
  • Local: A proudly South African product.